Gene­rates links for your ar­ti­cles to the so­cial web­site pages of your vi­si­tors (Twi­tter ®, face­book ®, G+ ®, Pin­te­rest ® Tum­blr ®, Insta­paper ®, Pocket ® & Linkedin ®) with their offi­cial icons (in SVG for­mat so light and trendy), share coun­ting (opti­onal) and all the O­pen Graph 1 meta tags nee­ded for you <head> document. No coo­kies, EU legis­lation respec­table. With­out any band­width con­suming java­script!

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En­ter into the cir­cles. Mar­ketize your Blog or your web­site.
Sim­ple to play with and to cus­to­mize: sam­ple CSS mo­kups avai­la­ble in the plu­gin do­cu­men­ta­tion for qui­ck star­ting ("Flat" styles like). Here is a real use on a web­site in produc­tion and an another one.

Example of CSS mokup included into the plugin help.
Sam­ple of CSS mo­kup re­sult in­clu­ded into the plu­gin help.

Lite version (free)

Here is a free lite plu­gin ver­sion with sup­port for facebook ® only:


Don't miss this other plugin too: pat body tweets.

Get it (v. 0.5.0)

Very af­for­dable. No do­main names limi­­tation. No copy­­rights. One pur­­chase for all your pro­­jects. Un­­limi­­ted time up­­grades. Ins­tant deli­­very after pur­­chase. File in­clu­ded in one down­­loadable zip. Just click on the "CLICK HERE TO DOWN­LOAD YOUR PUR­CHASE" yellow but­­ton on the con­fir­­mation Paypal ® page.

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